Here is a list of the tags I use to tag my posts.

3D-Printer 3D-Printer related posts so you don't hate them as much as I do.
Asp Classic ASP. They may help somebody.
ASP.Net ASP.Net Core Rules! The older framework is good too.
C# I like C#
DevOps DevOps and related tasks
Docker Everything Docker
Exchange 2007
Exchange 2010
Games Posts about games and getting them to work
IIS6 They're old, but I kept them.
Java Java....
JavaScript Just use TypeScript.
Kubernetes Kubernetes is amazing and hard. Really hard.
Linux can get confusing at times
Mac I'm a Windows guy and I have a Mac. Not the biggest fan.
MVC Posts about the MVC framework. Both the older MVC5 and lower and MVC6 (ASP.NET Core)
Operations Operations related information.
PowerShell Posts about using PowerShell to do some nifty stuff.
Programming This is what this site is mostly about.
Rants Posts containing a few random rants and how I got around the problem that caused them
Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi's are fun. Don't eat these ones. Circuit boards are bad for the body.
Server 2019 Posts with things for Server 2019.
Server 2016 Posts with things for Server 2016.
Server 2012R2 Posts with things for 2012R2. At least they are Server 2008R2 Yeah, I kept these too.
Server 2003R2 Yes, they were kept.
still sort of relevant
TFS Posts about using TFS, why we converted and some obstacles and things we learned.
TMG Posts about Microsoft's TMG (Threat Management Gateway). The product is discontinued, but I kept the posts anyways.
TypeScript Posts about TypeScript and how it's superior to JavaScript
WebForms One word....Ewww.
Windows 10 The best Windows OS yet.
Windows 8 Sort of better than 7
Windows 7 Much better than the others (except 10)
Windows XP Right there with 7