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Copy all repositories from Github enterprise

We are finally finishing the migration of GitHub Enterprise to TFS. While doing so, we wanted to programmatically make sure we had all of the source code off of our old Github server. Including those that belonged to individual users, including those that had left. Unfortunately Github doesn't make a utility for this. So I set out to do it on my own. Since we are Windows shop and I'm wanting to get my PowerShell skills better, I set out to do it in PowerShell. The trick was getting the list of
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Octopus Deploy/TFS and Lessons learned

Ok, in my previous post I went over why we chose to use Octopus Deploy and TFS as our build and deployment pipeline. Now I'm going to go over some things I've learned while implementing that solution. Those things and the reasons behind them are bolded. The rest of it is more detail and examples. It may seem like a lot, but it's really not and it's mostly good with some gotcha's. For both: * Don't be afraid to fail. It'll take a while to figure out exactly what works well for your particul
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Octopus, TFS and Blue Green Deployments

Ok, so lets start this off with a little background of where we came from and where we wanted to get. Our current environment consisted of a development environment with a single server on the same domain as the deployment server. And a production environment at a 3rd party hosted environment not on the same domain with no direct connectivity to the build/deployment server. We used GitHub Enterprise on-premise for source control and TeamCity for continuous integration and deployments. Producti
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TFS 2010 TWA and Forum Link

I wanted to remove the Support Forum link from the help menu. I don't want all of my users to see it. But, I didn't want to remove the documentation link that was in there. Well, unfortunately the ability to do so does not exist. It's hard coded in the system. Same with the documentation url. Lame. Aw well, to remove the menu option (this removes the settings as well, but as they can still get to it from the menu on left, who cares) Open up c:\program files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\
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