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VSO Build and File Select/Exclude

Hey all, so today I wanted to use the new (finally) feature of pushing nuget packages to nuget feeds inside of Visual Studio Online's build environment. Which is turning out to be really awesome by the way. Anyways, I'm doing a vNext project and it creates 2 nuget packages *.nupkg. I create a new Nuget Publish task and it set the default. First, it won't work correctly, it'll try and upload some downloaded nuget packages. Lame. So we need to change the default of **\*.nupkg to **\artifacts\**\
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Updating com+ component username/password in PowerShell

Here's a little PowerShell script that will update the username and password on a com+ component. Useful when domain accounts are used as identities on com+ objects on a bunch of systems and you need to change the username and password. write-host Starting $catalog = New-Object -comobject COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalog $applications = $catalog.GetCollection("Applications") $applications.Populate() write-host "Collection populated" foreach ($application in $applications) { if ($application.Name -