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Remote Docker Instance

I'm building a multi node Docker Swarm cluster and want to connect to it from my local desktop. I'd like to use my local development tools to build all of my Docker related files and push them up to the cluster. Note, this is an unauthenticated, full access, http (not https) configuration. It is to show a remote setup. I'm starting simple. The next post will be about securing this config. First my setup: * 3 docker nodes,, and


Windows 10 going to sleep to quickly

Well, I've had a very annoying issue that I've been fighting. I enabled wake-on-lan on my desktop and had it start going to sleep. This was great. Saves power and I can still remote into it. I installed the wake on lan tools on a linux box so I can wake it up remotely. However, I noticed that after it would wake up, it went to sleep really quick. Within a couple of minutes. Sometimes as quick as 2 but usually around 4 or 5. After hunting around the interwebs for a while I ran across a post on mi


Wake-on-lan, windows 10 and Linux

Well, after having wake-on-lan running and working great (other than the stupid sleeping after a couple minutes issue) I decided I would do a quick post on how I got it working and my setup, it was actually very easy once I found the right package. First, my overall setup. Linux/Ubuntu firewall, running iptables. 2 VLans, one for everything else. My desktop is on the client VLAN and the linux firewall acts as the gateway between both VLans and the internet. My solution, SSH into the firewall,

Windows 10

Windows 10 - .NET 3.5

Ok, so here's the overall situation 1. Fresh Windows 10 Install 2. Installed IIS attempting to include .net 3.5 in this install - it failed pulling the package from Windows Update due to my WSUS server. 1_ Skipped the .net 3.5 and installed everything. IIS, .net 4.5, Hyper-V etc. 3. After fixing my Group Policy to pull from Windows Update I attempted to install .net 3.5 at which point I started getting a 0x800F081F during the install(among others). The fix. Uninstall IIS