While out on a vacation I wanted to stream some games from my desktop through Steam after using remote desktop (RDP).

The PC rebooted so nobody was logged in. This means I needed to log in to the desktop remotely to start Steam. Easy, I already had that set up using a VPN connection. The problem came when trying to actually run anything.

First problem, nothing started. It just sat there on the connecting screen with the spinning circle on the bottom and the game background. Disconnecting the remote desktop connection fixed that.

Next problem, I was getting a prompt asking whether or not I want to accept secure desktop input from Steam. I can't accept it because I'm not at the desktop. That's annoying at best. Here's the error:

Would you like to accept secure desktop input from Steam?
You must respond to this dialog while sitting at the PC.
If you are seeing this when you aren't using a controller or Steam, In-Home Streaming then you should check your PC for malware,

The fix, attach my remote desktop session to the console. Open up a PowerShell or command prompt in admin mode, and use this command. Replace yourpasswordhere with your actual password.

tscon 1 /password:yourpasswordhere /dest:console

If you get an error saying the group or resource is not in the correct state Then the session id (1 in the command above) is probably incorrect. On my particular session I was actually 3. Just increment the value by 1 until it works.

The entire error message I was getting was:

Could not connect sessionID 1 to sessionname console, Error code 5023
Error [5023]:The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.

That command will move your remote desktop session to the local console session and disconnect your remote desktop session, this will cause you to effectively be logged in locally on your desktop.

After the last fix (which automatically includes the first one) I can now play games remotely through Steam after I've used Remote Desktop to log in to my desktop.

Happy gaming!