Good day all, we upgraded our vCenter server from 2008 to 2008r2. Yay. (2008 bad, r2 good). Once we did this, we ran into a problem where the vCenter services weren't starting. Searching the net revealed nothing. Our guess was that the sql server was not all the way started when the services were started. Changing the services to automatic (delayed) still did not fix it. Adding the MSSQLSERVER service as a dependency did not work either. One way we found to get around it is really cheesy. Create a batch/cmd file and run it as a scheduled task using the SYSTEM account and highest privileges. Overall function of the script, wait 30 seconds, then call a net start on vpxd and vctomcat Here's what we used

ping -n 30 -w 1000 > null
net start vpxd
net start vctomcat

It's a really cheesy fix and I hate it. But adding dependencies on the service would not solve the problem. And even setting it to delayed didn't do it either. Talk about dumb. Oh, on a side note. We've noticed a huge memory leak in vpxd with invalid logins making it suck up all the memory in the server.