I'm continuing my journey into React and  I wanted to have part of my rendered page update whenever the route changes.

I am generally doing this during a login/logout and the content for logging in and logging out needs to update. I also want my components to be rendered only for certain routes using the Switch element/component or whatever React calls it.

My initial code for my routes.tsx file was:

        <Router history={history}>
                <App history={history}></Route>
                    <Route path="/" exact render={(props) => <Home {...props} />}></Route>
                    <Route path="/home" render={(props) => <Home {...props} />}></Route>
                    <Route component={NotFound} />
        </Router >

The problem was that the App component was not being refreshed when the route changed. The solution that I found was to wrap the App component inside of an empty Route. I changed the App line to be the following:

<Route render={(props) => <App history={history} {...props} />}></Route>

This fixed it, my App component now refreshes as expected when the route changes.