OK, this was really dumb, but I wanted to install DOS, and only had access to the upgrade disks. Lame.

I got the MS-DOS 6.22 floppies from my MSDN (yes it's still there). But, MSDN only has the upgrade disks. No install disks. The 6.0 version of DOS is just the files, no disk images. So that's pretty close to useless for installing fresh as well.

But, there is a workaround. Boot off of the 6.22 upgrade disk #1. Then on the first screen press F3. Then answer the prompts to exit the setup. It will dump you to an A:> prompt (oh the memories). Use fdisk to create a primary partition on the first drive. Then format it using format c:. Now use sys c: to make it bootable. Reboot. Install 6.22 as you normally would. Basically, the upgrade only looks to see if the drive is bootable.